Tree Surveys

As a company concentrating on all aspects of arboricultural consultancy, Taylors can provide a comprehensive selection of products aimed at providing the client with a bespoke product dealing only with the issues relevant to the tree(s) or site in question.

Tree Inspections

Whether you require a survey of all trees on a site for preliminary formal advice, or a tree inspection for a single high value tree Taylors trees can help. You can be the tree owner seeking to limit risk and liability for damage or injury caused by trees, or an affected third party.

We can assess the health and structural condition of trees and assess the likelihood any problems discovered will result in damage or injury, considering the location. Tree inspection services typically result in a report with management recommendations prioritised according to the risk.

Tree inspection services can be tailored to meet your needs, which may include:

  • Preliminary assessment and recommendations.
  • Detailed investigation of known / suspected internal defects.
  • Identification of pests and diseases and assessment of the implications.