Safe and Proficient Tree Surgery & Removal

On occasions a tree with a structural defect might be of particular value either aesthetically or historically. In these circumstances artificial supports may be needed to prevent failure thus allowing the tree to be retained and avoiding cost felling or future damage.

Taylors Trees carry product liability insurance and have extensive experience in installing support systems from simple props to complex multi-cable systems.

All work is undertaken Australian Standards by experienced staff. Cable and support systems are not often installed on young or “low value” trees as often the cost will not be justified but if you wish to retain your tree Taylors Trees will advise on the best system for your requirements.

Superior tree pruning

Tree pruning prolongs tree life, encourages new growth and can enable vehicle clearance.

Pruning by our highly skilled arborists enhances both the visual appeal and long-term health of your trees. Services include:

  • Maintenance and formative pruning
  • Reduction and remedial pruning
  • Crown lifting
  • Fruit tree and palm pruning.

Expert tree removal

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Taylors provides large or small-scale removal of trees that are unsafe, damaged or when new landscaping is required.

Our fully qualified climbers and tower operators specialise in the removal of large and dangerous trees and in accessing confined spaces.

High-Grade Mulch Supplies

In completing the recycling process, Taylors provides a high-quality mulch that reduces water costs, slows weed growth and enhances the quality of your soil.

Taylors’ mulch is a blend of unprocessed natural woods sourced exclusively from our work as part of our commitment to green waste management.