Professional Tree Stump Grinding Services

When a tree is removed from your garden, it’s vital that the stump is removed also.

Tree stumps can also be unsafe if they’re above ground level. And of course you may want to pave over the area once a tree is removed.

The best and safest way to remove a tree stump is by grinding both the stump itself and the tree surface roots. This minimises regrowth, makes the area safe and leaves the ground ready for landscaping, or any use you require.

Tree stump grinding is surprisingly quick – the average time for a job is as little as half an hour!

Your Safe, Effective Choice for Tree and Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding is a highly specialised job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. At Taylors our professional, experienced staff are trusted experts in stump grinding, and we equip them with only the best machinery and safety equipment.