Need to Obtain a Tree Removal Permit?

Tree Removal Regulations - The Basics

Local government areas each have their own regulations for tree removal and tree pruning.

Whether you need a tree removal permit will depend on the size and type of the tree and where you live.

Some local areas have zoning laws that restrict tree removal regardless of size, including types of trees may also be protected.

And if you live in a fire-prone area, all types of trees within 10 metres of your house may be removed without a permit.

At Taylors, our fully qualified arborists offer expert tree pruning, and naturally we work to all relevant Australian standards.

Getting a Council Tree Removal Permit - First Steps

Before applying for a permit to remove a tree, your first step is to contact your local council or go to their website.

There you’ll find information on the types and sizes of trees that require removal permits in your area, and how to go about applying for a permit.

You then need to check the measurements of your tree against the listed measurements. Remember, removal of your tree may not require a permit.

Taylors can help you deal with the red tape. When you take advantage of our free, no-obligation quote, you’ll also receive advice on whether your tree may require a permit to remove, and how to go about applying for it.

If removing the tree does require a permit, you may need to provide an arborist report. Taylors can help here too – a report by one of our fully qualified arborists may improves your chances of obtaining a permit.

Alternatively, some councils carry out tree inspections themselves. If so, you will need to contact them to book an inspection.

Applying for a Permit

Your next step is to apply for a removal permit through your council. They may ask you to provide more information, eg a site plan or drawing.