Occupational Health and Safety

At Taylors, health and safety is the central focus of everything we do.

At Taylors, Health and Safety is the central focus of everything we do. We have robust safety management systems that are certified in AS 4801. We provide the best training and equipment for our work teams to operate safely in the field.

Our employees and long term contracting partners are trained to work within our systems at all times. Management continually undertake audits to ensure processors are being followed in the field.

Taylors undertake safety meetings with our work teams to continuously improve on our safety systems.

Our company values set the scene on the expectations of all employees which drive a safe work place and working environment leading towards an incident free company.

We have many teams working in our Domestic, Rail, Utility and Municipal sector and have been leaders for many years. Taylors have a lost frequency injury rate below industry targets which we are very proud of.


Taylors Trees have $20,000,000 insurance cover. So if you have concerns about possible damage to your property – you can be assured that Taylors Trees have it covered.

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