Your First Choice in Quality Arborist Services in Melbourne

Your garden is unique. If you’re looking for a top-quality arborist service in Melbourne, whether to keep a favourite tree in superb condition, remove a diseased or damaged tree or clear land for fresh landscaping, Taylors can help.

Taylors have been providing tree services to Victorians for over 25 years. As recognised market leaders in Melbourne¬†tree removal and maintenance, we’re committed to helping your trees flourish, adding to their visual appeal and maintaining the balance of nature in your garden.

At Taylors, we want to ensure that our customers are happy with every aspect of the job. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation quote and customer service guarantee with every job!

Whatever the tree service you need, we’ll provide the right people and equipment for the job, whether it be expert climbers, elevated work platforms, bobcats, and even road traffic control.

No job is too big or too small! We aim to carry out all our arborist services across Melbourne with minimum fuss, maximum efficiency and the high standards we’re recognised for.

Trees require expert maintenance to look their best and stay sound. If you’re looking for a certified arborist who you can trust, our dedicated staff offer the skills and professionalism you need.

Where your garden is concerned, you only want the best. When you choose Taylors, you can be sure that all our arborists are fully trained and qualified. They work to all relevant Australian standards, and of course they’re backed up by the Taylors customer service guarantee!

To maintain our high standards, our arborists are all employed directly by the company. This means you’ll always be dealing with our trusted staff, and not a subcontractor.

In fact, we ensure that our senior field staff have a minimum of 15 years experience. You reap the benefits in top-quality workmanship, efficiency and safety.

When it comes to professional arborists who do the job properly, we’re the people to see.

As well as providing tree services for residential properties across Melbourne, our certified arborists consult for business organisations and government bodies.

Need an arborist report from a reputable Melbourne company? Need to get through some red tape to make improvements to your trees and garden? If so, you can rely on Taylors.

Removing a significant tree from your garden or a number of trees for a redevelopment may require a tree removal permit from your local council.

Taylors takes the hassle out of the approval process. Our free, no-obligation quote includes professional advice on the requirements for tree removal permits. If you do need to obtain a permit, we’ll provide you with the required paperwork.

A professional arborist report from a reputable company can speed the process of obtaining a permit. At Taylors, we supply comprehensive tree reports for a range of clients including individuals, organisations and local government.

Naturally our arborist reports are carried out by fully qualified staff and comply with all industry guidelines.

Your trees are the most enduring part of your garden. Trees are restful to the eye and provide vital cool and shade as well as a habitat for birdlife.

But like everything that’s precious, trees need maintaining. If your trees could do with some TLC, or have sustained storm damage, an arborist or tree surgeon may be the answer.

When your trees need pruning it’s tempting to do the job yourself or find someone unqualified. But simply lopping branches off may damage the structure of your precious trees.

Tree surgeons are qualified in maintaining and preserving trees. At Taylors, our tree surgeons are trained to expertly trim your trees so they look their best and continue to flourish. Your trees will complement your garden beautifully for years to come.

Our tree surgeons understand trees. They’re familiar with the various species, and are also skilled at climbing in the most restricted spaces.

Tree surgery offers the following benefits:

  • Extends the lifespan of the tree
  • Safely removes hazardous or decaying branches
  • Opens out the garden and increases sunlight in the house
  • Deals with safety concerns, eg closeness of branches to powerlines
  • Maintains the structure of the tree